Achievments of the department of foreign languages



In the academic year 2015/2016, V.V. Kochina, the department teacher, became an accredited Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, having successfully defended her dissertation dedicated to the topic “Pedagogical conditions of professional communicative culture formation of future engineers-teachers of the transport sector” (scientific advisor – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Tiurina V.A). Moreover, in 2016 within the advanced training program, the following teachers of the department: Yeriomenko O.M., Nemchenkova S.Y., Ivanenko V.V., Perepelytsia K.Y., Shylina A.G. – successfully passed the Cambridge TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) and received corresponding certificates. In recent years, the teachers of the department have presented abstracts at international and national conferences, published research papers in professionally oriented journals, including those which belong to scientific databases which are recognised worldwide, designed education guidelines and textbooks.

The members of the department took part in international scientific conferences in Gabrovo (Bulgaria), Olouts (Czech Republic), Belgorod (Russia), Klagenfurt (Austria), Karlsruhe (Germany), Varna (Bulgaria), Prague (Czech Republic). The department cooperates with the National Monitoring Committee of Ukraine “IGIP”. Over the years the teachers of the Foreign Languages ​Department have been working at publishing methodological materials for full-time and distance learning students, at implementing modern methods of teaching foreign languages and using them in written learning guidelines and textbooks.

Each year, the Department holds the first round of Ukrainian Student Foreign Languages Contest ​​and the conference dedicated to country studies. The winners of the contest are intended to enter the National foreign languages contest ​​among students of non-linguistic faculties of higher learning institutions. The teaching staff of the department help students in scientific research, playing an important advisory role.

Department Activities

While getting higher education at the academy, students study the following academic disciplines:

  • foreign language;
  • foreign language for professional purposes;
  • foreign language for business purposes (foreign language for professional and business communication).

Moreover, the Department provides supplemental educational services:

  • elective English classes for students (4 hours per week);
  • adaptation course in English for first-year students (2 hours per week).

Elective classes are aimed at students of all years of study who aspire to deepen their knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary in an effective and interesting way and improve oral and written skills as well as to make new friends who share the same interests.

The adaptation course is directed at helping first-year students develop and master English language skills to follow successfully the general English curriculum designed by the teachers of the foreign languages department.

Classroom activities within the above-mentioned courses are guided by the communicative approach (which the focus on meaningful oral and written communication, authentic materials, interactive learning, etc.). At the beginning of each course a start test is given to find out the initial level of students’ knowledge. Classes are organized in groups of 10-12 people, divided according to their level of knowledge.

The Foreign Languages Department of ​​Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy  provides English, German and French training for students of all faculties.

All the teachers of the department are actively involved in national and international conferences, seminars, constantly enhancing their methodological skills. During the 2015/2016 academic year the teachers of the department took part in seminars dedicated to the following topics: “Employing the case method in teaching foreign languages to students of non-linguistic higher education institutions”, “The role of the internet resources in a foreign language teacher’s training”, etc. All of this has enabled the teachers of the department to achieve significant results in scientific, educational and organizational spheres, create a classroom atmosphere of creativity and understanding. All the members of the department are highly qualified specialists who successfully combine teaching with research and translation work.

The main trend in research works carried out by the department members is “Psycho-pedagogical problems of teaching foreign languages ​​at higher education institutions.” Studying students’ peculiarities facilitates student selection and application of methods and techniques, correspondingly to their interests, learning objectives and learning environment that helps optimize the educative process.

At the present time the main research topic of the foreign languages department is “Formation of future engineers’ and teachers’ professional competence in the process of learning foreign languages.” The Department members constantly take part in scientific and methodological seminars intended for discussing the most important and innovative methods of teaching foreign languages at higher education institutions which do not specialize in linguistic studies.

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