Open class

November 7, 2019,  was held  open lessons on  discipline “ foreign language”  group DKI-PO ZP 19, DKI-PO M 19, DKI-PO Tr19 in audience 104/2 Workshop was devoted to the theme :”Let’s Get Together. Present Continuos Tense for future plans and arrangements” (lecturer: Ivanenko V.V)

Lesson was conducted according to a well-developed plan prepared in accordance with the program. During the lesson the teacher adhered to all principles of teaching, namely: the principle of consciousness and activity of students; the principle of activating the cognitive activity of the student; the principle of scientific; the principle of consistency and consistency; the principle of clarity; the principle of emotional learning.

During the lesson the teacher used: handouts, printouts, presentations on the topic, which allowed students to show good performance and a high level of knowledge of theoretical, practical material, ability to apply it in practice. Students skillfully learned the vocabulary, skillfully performed exercises on the topic, analyzed texts and conducted dialogic speech. While doing the exercises, students not only summarized their English language skills, but also enjoyed the lessons. The main objective of the lesson was achieved: to develop the skills of monologic and dialogic speech on the topic, to ask logical questions in the situation, to learn to use vocabulary on the topic, to test the ability of hearing new text, to have linguistic means for performing foreign language communication; to develop attention, memory, communication competence and speaking ability, interest in educational and cognitive activity.



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