Open class

On November 7, 2019, an open language session was held in the DMP-PS-19 group. Topic: “Food” (Senior Lecturer Elena Bryntseva)

The purpose of the lesson: Consolidation of lexical units on the topic “Food”, improving skills and practical knowledge of the English language on the topic of all types of speech activity: speaking, reading and writing; development of grammatical skills on the topic”".

Lesson objectives:

- educational-to enrich the vocabulary of students, to generalize and systematize knowledge on a grammatical topic; to form oral communication skills on a given topic; to practice students in reading the text in order to obtain a General idea (skimming) and the most complete and accurate understanding of all the information contained in the text (scanning);

- educational-to educate independence, interest in learning a foreign language, clarity of expression ;

- developing-the development of understanding of a foreign language, the development of memory, attention, critical thinking and verbal guesswork, the expansion of the General and linguistic horizons of students, the development of communication culture and speech reaction of students; the formation of students ‘ ability to receive information from texts, Express their own thoughts and assumptions.

- methodical-to stimulate sustained interest in the study of the discipline.

Type of classes: lesson use of knowledge, skills and abilities .

Type of activity: practical training.

Teaching methods: the reproductive.

Logistics: handout, video and audio material, laptop, presentation.

Didactic materials: dictionaries, cards with tasks and questions.

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