Open class

An open practical class in foreign language professional and business communication took place on the 12th of October, 2019 in the group ДKI-ПОК16+ПОПг16 (room 203/2) and was dedicated to the topic “Media Matters” (Professor: Alina Podorozhna).

The aim of the practical class, which was to improve English language skills, such as speaking, reading and writing, in the context of studying the above-mentioned  topic, was fully achieved as well as the following tasks of the practical class:

- educational - to generalize and systematize knowledge on the topic, enhance the knowledge of professional vocabulary in appropriate situations, develop skills of oral communication within the given topic;

- upbringing - to shape students’ professional outlook (practical application of foreign language in their future professional activities), their professional culture;

- developing – to develop an understanding of the foreign language, improve students’ memory, attention, critical thinking, expand their general and linguistic horizons;

- methodological – to stimulate a sustainable interest in studying the discipline.

The practical class was properly structured. The students demonstrated a strong interest and commitment during the study process.











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