The Day of Europe in Ukraine

An intellectual English-speaking game in the classical format of the world-known TV-show “What? Where? When?” was held by the foreign languages department of Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy оn Thursday, the ДАТА. Students of the 1-2 years of study took part in the event. The organisation of the game, the student’s enthusiasm and active involvement contributed to the successful realisation of the triune aim of the game: educative (which сalled for the development of the listening comprehension, speaking and reading skills and the English phraseological awareness); developing (which aimed to broaden the horizons of the student’s insight into the linguistics and culture of the English-speaking countries and create the medium for the growth of the sociocultural, analytic and logical thinking capacity in the participants of the game); upbringing (which was to improve the teamwork skills, including listening to each other, being tolerant to the other points of view and being responsible for the whole team).

All participants pointed out the timeliness, the interesting content and the high level of the organisation and implementation of the game.
















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