The conference

The conference was held on November 8, 2018 at the Department of Foreign Languages.  The conference was called “The topical development issues of Ukrainian society regarding the EU process – the choice of Ukrainian youth”.  14 students took part in the conference.

The students tried to look at the development problem of Ukrainian society in the completely different way by proposing of their own effective strategies for further development. The competitive projects were presented at the conference ,one of which  collected under the auspices students’ representatives who are interested in  the research field of information technologies and psychology, which undoubtedly proved the wide range of scientific interests of our students and their availability and abilities , and  for scientific exploration.

The high level of each participant and the confidence that participation in such scientific events is already a victory, confirmed by the long-standing discussion of the distinguished jury of: PhD G. I.  Zelenin , PhD K.O.Remizantseva   , and PhD A.V Kornyush.  Position of responsibility for the conference is V.G. Vemjan.

Winners of the conference:

Section 1. Education and social issues.

And the place – Kuznetsov A.

Second place – Shalaikin A.

III place – Ivanova A.

Section 2: Science

1st place: – Fedotova Svetlana

2nd place: -Maluta S.

3rd place: -Vilkhovska D.

Section 3:

1st place: -Goloborodko A.

2nd place: Woitenko A.

3rd place: – Drobush V.


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