Scientific Activities


The Department of foreign languages ​​is currently exploring the following scientific directions:

1. Since Oct. 2017, the Department has been working on a scientific and methodological substantiation of pedagogical conditions and a didactic model of blended learning (which means integration of face-to-face instruction, online, distance and independent learning) in the context of teaching foreign languages to students specializing in engineering and pedagogy, which resulted in the choice of the subject of the departmental scientific research work No. 17-02 “Pedagogical Conditions of Blended Teaching of Foreign Languages ​​to Students Specializing in of Engineering and Pedagogy” (IV quarter of 2017 – III quarter of 2019) (the subject was approved at the Meeting of the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of the Academy No. 1, dated Oct. 02, 2017) and is confirmed by an extensive list of research and review articles, conference papers and methodological woks written by the members of the Department.

2. The Department is thoroughly exploring from the scientific and methodological standpoint the communicative approach to teaching foreign languages ​​to students of engineering and pedagogical specialties, which has been reflected in numerous publications of the teaching staff of the Department.

3. The Department is improving the existing approaches to developing professional competences in the ELT classroom, which has been mirrored in a number of scientific and methodological publications of the staff of the Department, as well as confirmed by the successful presentation of the research work No. 15-06 “Development of professional competences of future engineers-pedagogues in the process of teaching foreign languages” (Minutes of the Meeting of the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of the Academy No. 1, dated Oct. 02, 2017).


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