День Європи/ День Европы/ Europe Day





The Day of Europe at the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy

On May 16, 2018, a colorful event devoted to Europe Day took place in the academy’s assembly hall, organized by the Department of Foreign Languages ​​together with the cultural center.

The main objectives of this event were: to communicate to people the necessity and importance of studying foreign languages; to expand the boundaries of the languages ​​currently being studied; to promote the development of international understanding; to ensure the linguistic and cultural development of the peoples of Europe; make the study of languages ​​relevant; development of creative abilities, including through project activity of students; professional orientation.

The event was attended by students of the I-IV th Academy and teachers of the UIA.

For all incoming students, together with teachers, they prepared presentations on the EU countries in English. The accompaniment of each presentation was scenes, songs and dances. The hit of the event was a song in German performed by Brivina Danil (student of the group DKI-POM17). The quizzes in English were also of great interest to those present.

The event was completed with the creation and presentation of projects “Ukraine-my house”. Europe Day in the UIA left behind bright and kind impressions and emotions.

At present, the prestigious ideology of the commonwealth, cooperation, coexistence of different cultures, tolerance. Everybody more interested in studying several foreign languages, as languages ​​enrich, discipline the mind, expand the horizons of the visible world. And the new holiday, the Europe Day, raises interest in Europe’s linguistic heritage.

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