Seminars, conferences and webinars 2017-2018



     Formation of the 21st century demands from teachers of ability to study constantly, readiness for use of the new educational ideas and also the need to be in constant creative search. Respectively, teachers of English as engines of changes in education, constantly work on improvement of professional skill, seizing the newest technologies of training. An effective component of professional growth of the teacher is his active participation in seminars, trainings, conferences, master classes, various online courses, advanced training courses and the international projects.
Teachers of department of “Foreign languages” had an opportunity to attend various sessions.
___Such editions as Macmillan “Spotlight CEFR have prepared the substantial and interesting program of conferences, seminars and webinars for teachers of m Kharkiv: Macmillan Webinar Series” (on March 13), “Gateway” to Teaching Modern Technologies “(on March 28), Oxford University Press” Learner-oriented assessment “,” Everyday professional development “(on March 16), Cambridge University Press” Boost your exam Confidence. Teaching Grammar to young learners “(on October 18),” 9 Annual Cambridge Day Conference “(on March 29), Express Publishing” The power of play: developing language through play “(October),” Express Teacher Development Day “(on April 18).
___Annual methodical conferences have come to the end, and pleasant memories will please and inspire teachers to further fruitful and such creative teaching profession of English for a long time. Participants not only have listened to lectures, but also had an opportunity to communicate to representatives of the authorized examination centers Cambridge English, Oxford University Press, Express Publishing, to get acquainted with training materials of publishing houses, have communicated to teachers of other institutions.
___The staff of department of “Foreign languages” expresses gratitude to organizers and publishing houses for an opportunity to gain new knowledge and to communicate to teachers of lectures.

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