Направления работи кафедры


The Department provides training in basic disciplines (in English, German and French languages):

- Foreign Language
- Foreign Language for Professional Purpose
- Business Foreign Language
- Facultative course of Foreign Language

The Foreign Languages Department of Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy teach foreign languages to students of all specialties and all forms of training of English, German and French languages. There is a combination of content-based teaching with recognition of the pivotal role. Foreign Languages Department offers fundamental language teaching to develop students’ professionally-oriented communicative language competences, to allow them communicate effectively in their academic and professional environment.


napryamki2All teachers of the department take part in national and international conferences, seminars and constantly improve the level of their methodological skills. Highly skilled research and educational specialists provide teaching and methodical, scientific-research and pedagogical activity. All of this helps the teachers of this department quicken interest in learning foreign languages by students and create a favorable atmosphere of creativity and understanding. All teachers of the department are highly skilled professionals who successfully combine teaching with research and translation activities.
The Department keeps up contacts with the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine, scientific institutions, enterprises and organizations. Cooperation is realized in many directions, such as expert examination and review of theses and scientific works, participation in conferences and seminars, scientific and pedagogical experience exchange, probations for the teachers and participation in international projects.


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