Open class

November 13, 2019, an open language session was held in the DMP-Ps17-1 group, in the audience 203/2 on the topic “Healthy Living. Past Simple / Past Continuos Tense ”, (by Senior Lecturer in Foreign Languages, Candidate of Science Alla Sarkisova)

The offered lesson is a generalization and systematization of knowledge, skills on the topic “Healthy Living”. The theme and content were fully in line with the program’s developed plan.

The lesson is focused on the formation of development lexical and grammatical skills and skills of foreign language activity: listening, speaking, monologic and dialogic speech and mastering the following aspects of language: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar. The content of the lesson contributed to the development of interest in learning.

Principles of teaching, which the teacher adhered to during the class, namely: the principle of consciousness and activity of students; principle of activation of students’ cognitive activity; the principle of scientific; the principle of consistency and consistency; the principle of clarity; principle of emotional learning, contributed to the achievement of the goal of the lesson. At the class the teacher used the material: handouts, video and audio material, laptop, presentation.

Students skillfully learned the vocabulary, skillfully performed exercises on the topic, analyzed texts and conducted dialogic speech, asked logical questions in the situation, used vocabulary on the topic, perceived the text, which makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the successful achievement of the purpose of the lesson. The students not only summarized their English language skills, but also enjoyed the lessons.


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Conference on English

The conference in English was held  by the Foreign Languages ​​Department on November 12, 2019. The title of the conference is “21st сentury science, education  and innovations: Challenges, Priorities and Prospects for Research.”13 students took part in the conference.

The students tried to look very differently at the problem of the Ukrainian society development by proposing their own effective strategies for further development. The  individual presentations of competitive projects  were presented at the conference, one of which brought together under its auspices representatives of the students who are interested in researches  in the field of science and education, which, of course, has proved the wide range of the scientific interests of our students and their abilities and the real passion for researches .

Winners of the conference in the following areas:

1. for the best presentation – A. Glushenko

2. for the best interaction with the audience – A. Kuznetsova

3. for the best level of English proficiency- M.Vasilevskaia .

4. for the scientific areas  – Yu. Kurbel

5. for the choice of the topic and its presentation – O. Artemiev

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Картинки по запросу картинки на конференцию по английскому язіку

Dear students!  We invite you to participate in the English Language Conference, which will be held on November 12, 19 at 10.00 in the 401/1 audience.  Everyone is welcome.


Open class

November 7, 2019,  was held  open lessons on  discipline “ foreign language”  group DKI-PO ZP 19, DKI-PO M 19, DKI-PO Tr19 in audience 104/2 Workshop was devoted to the theme :”Let’s Get Together. Present Continuos Tense for future plans and arrangements” (lecturer: Ivanenko V.V)

Lesson was conducted according to a well-developed plan prepared in accordance with the program. During the lesson the teacher adhered to all principles of teaching, namely: the principle of consciousness and activity of students; the principle of activating the cognitive activity of the student; the principle of scientific; the principle of consistency and consistency; the principle of clarity; the principle of emotional learning.

During the lesson the teacher used: handouts, printouts, presentations on the topic, which allowed students to show good performance and a high level of knowledge of theoretical, practical material, ability to apply it in practice. Students skillfully learned the vocabulary, skillfully performed exercises on the topic, analyzed texts and conducted dialogic speech. While doing the exercises, students not only summarized their English language skills, but also enjoyed the lessons. The main objective of the lesson was achieved: to develop the skills of monologic and dialogic speech on the topic, to ask logical questions in the situation, to learn to use vocabulary on the topic, to test the ability of hearing new text, to have linguistic means for performing foreign language communication; to develop attention, memory, communication competence and speaking ability, interest in educational and cognitive activity.



Open class

On November 7, 2019, an open language session was held in the DMP-PS-19 group. Topic: “Food” (Senior Lecturer Elena Bryntseva)

The purpose of the lesson: Consolidation of lexical units on the topic “Food”, improving skills and practical knowledge of the English language on the topic of all types of speech activity: speaking, reading and writing; development of grammatical skills on the topic”".

Lesson objectives:

- educational-to enrich the vocabulary of students, to generalize and systematize knowledge on a grammatical topic; to form oral communication skills on a given topic; to practice students in reading the text in order to obtain a General idea (skimming) and the most complete and accurate understanding of all the information contained in the text (scanning);

- educational-to educate independence, interest in learning a foreign language, clarity of expression ;

- developing-the development of understanding of a foreign language, the development of memory, attention, critical thinking and verbal guesswork, the expansion of the General and linguistic horizons of students, the development of communication culture and speech reaction of students; the formation of students ‘ ability to receive information from texts, Express their own thoughts and assumptions.

- methodical-to stimulate sustained interest in the study of the discipline.

Type of classes: lesson use of knowledge, skills and abilities .

Type of activity: practical training.

Teaching methods: the reproductive.

Logistics: handout, video and audio material, laptop, presentation.

Didactic materials: dictionaries, cards with tasks and questions.

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Open class

On November 6, 2019, Remizantseva Kateryna Oleksandrivna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages, held an open lesson in the discipline “Foreign Language (English)” in the group of DMP – Ps Kim 19.

Theme: Wonders of Nature (Part 2)

Learning outcomes:Student will be able to:

  1. Understand video information
  2. Process text read by:
    1. Skimming for understanding text types.
    2. Scanning for details and answering multiple-choice questions.
    3. Use the Present Perfect Simple and the Present Perfect Continuous.

Specific objectives: By the end of the lesson, student should be able to:

  1. Understanding the general idea of the given video by answeringcomprehensive questions (Who, Where, When, How and Why).
  2. Identify the general idea of the given text by answeringmultiple-choice questions andskimming for the gist.
  3. State the specific information of the given text by scanning fordetails.
  4. Recognise the use of the Present Perfect Simple and the Present Perfect Continuous.

Teaching aids:Worksheets for Practical Lesson 14, PowerPoint slides with video and important information, Test handouts for checking previous knowledge.

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Report on the Olympics

Report on the Olympics

from English.

 The English language Olympiad took place on 06. 11. 2019.

The Olympiad was held in 3 rounds:

1. Listening, understanding.

2. Reading, understanding comprehension.

3. Speaking, testing verbal communication skills.

Total maximum points: 100 points.

24 students participated in the Olympiad.


1st place – Kuznetsov

2nd place – Galaborodko A.

3rd place – Derek K.

 The winners of the Olympics are recommended to participate in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Foreign Language Olympiad.



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Dear students!  We invite you to participate in the Olympiad in English which will be held on 06.11.19 at 10.00 in the audience 305/1.  Everyone is welcome.


Open class

On October 21st, 2019, Hanna Korniush, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages, ​​held an open practical class in the course of the discipline “Foreign Language of Professional and Business Communication (English)” in the group DT-POKh17.

The practical class was dedicated to the topic “Mysteries of the World” and pursued the following goals:

  • educational – to activate, expand and systematize vocabulary of the corresponding topic; to deepen the acquired grammar knowledge; to practice applying effective methods of working with test tasks such as “Use of English “;
  • developmental – to improve reading, listening, and speaking skills; to raise students’ awareness of some interesting facts about our world in general and the field of food technology in particular;
  • upbringing – to promote the development of students’ socio-cultural consciousness; to deepen their interest in professionally relevant topics.

Throughout the class, Hanna Korniush managed to proportionally achieve the above-mentioned goals, create a supportive and interactive ambience, rationally and expediently employ a number of forms and methods of teaching, efficiently implement traditional and digital instructional means, develop cross-curricular integration with the disciplines of the professional cycle taught to the students specializing in food technology, use interactive activities that fostered the development of independent and teamwork skills, etc.

The practical class was attended and apprised by Kristina Babenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Management.













Open class

An open practical class in foreign language professional and business communication took place on the 12th of October, 2019 in the group ДKI-ПОК16+ПОПг16 (room 203/2) and was dedicated to the topic “Media Matters” (Professor: Alina Podorozhna).

The aim of the practical class, which was to improve English language skills, such as speaking, reading and writing, in the context of studying the above-mentioned  topic, was fully achieved as well as the following tasks of the practical class:

- educational - to generalize and systematize knowledge on the topic, enhance the knowledge of professional vocabulary in appropriate situations, develop skills of oral communication within the given topic;

- upbringing - to shape students’ professional outlook (practical application of foreign language in their future professional activities), their professional culture;

- developing – to develop an understanding of the foreign language, improve students’ memory, attention, critical thinking, expand their general and linguistic horizons;

- methodological – to stimulate a sustainable interest in studying the discipline.

The practical class was properly structured. The students demonstrated a strong interest and commitment during the study process.