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Europe Day

Europe Day

Europe Day on 9 May is an occasion to celebrate peace and unity in Europe.

Each year, the EU institutions in Brussels open their doors to the public for celebrations and activities, while EU Delegations around the world organise events throughout the whole month of May. Due to the Coronavirus crisis, there will be no open doors events in Brussels or in the Delegations to celebrate Europe Day this year. The ongoing crisis leaves no room for social gatherings, and our thoughts go out to all those who are fighting against the virus or suffering because of it.

However, we will still be marking this day, especially since this year we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration — a powerful statement made by the French foreign minister Robert Schuman who initiated the process of European integration.

The European Union is stronger together, and together we will overcome this crisis. It is this message of unity and solidarity that we want to convey with the range of activities that we and our Delegations around the world have prepared for you.

Join us from home and immerse yourself in hours of culture, information, entertainment and more. Sit back, enjoy and keep safe!

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  1. Elena:

    It’s so interesting

  2. very interesting, thanks for the info

  3. Буланова Тетяна Юріївна:

    Every year on the third Saturday of May, starting in 2003, Ukraine celebrates Europe Day. Europe Day is a holiday celebrated in the European Union on May 9. This day, together with the single currency (euro), flag and anthem, is a symbol of the EU as a political force.

    The European Union approved May 9 as Europe Day at the Milan Summit 1985, deciding to perpetuate the day of the declaration of the Schuman Declaration. May 9 is also considered the birthday of the European Union. The day of Europe, the inhabitants of Ukraine celebrate the day of shared values, the common history of all the nations of the continent.

    Ukraine is the only non-EU state that celebrates Europe Day at the state level.

  4. Владислава:

    Europe Day began to be celebrated in Ukraine annually since 2003. The holiday was established by decree of President Leonid Kuchma in honor of the strategic course of Ukraine towards European integration.

    Every year, on the Day of Europe Day, various celebrations, acquaintance with the culture and traditions of European countries, and concerts by famous performers are held on the central squares of large Ukrainian cities.

    In Kiev, on the occasion of Europe Day, the European Town operates annually, where you can find out information about the European Union, try authentic European dishes and take part in various competitions and events.

    Also on this day, ambassadors of EU Member States meet with representatives of local authorities and public organizations, the media, as well as students.

    Happy European Day!

  5. Буланова Тетяна Юріївна:

    coronvirus has become a great test for the whole world and a huge test for Europe.

  6. Irina:

    I believe that Ukrainian culture has developed, and our culture will be interesting for Europe. This is something new for them.

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